2020 - January

Announcing all the attractions and the different areas of the LEGOLAND® Water Park Gardaland – opening in late May 2020

Construction work continues, and now we can put a name to the various areas and attractions making up the new LEGOLAND® Water Park Gardaland, which will open in late May 2020. After passing under the great wave at the entrance Portal, the guests’ attention will be immediately captured by the LEGO River Adventure, a river… continue

2019 - December

At LEGOLAND® Water Park Gardaland an exclusive Miniland – made from 4.9 million LEGO® bricks – will be host to Italy’s most iconic monuments specially designed for it.

Gardaland presents its timelapse video showing the construction of the models for Venice Saint Mark’s Cathedral and Bell Tower. Just a few months after the announcement of the construction of LEGOLAND® Water Park Gardaland, interest in the water park and the features that will characterise it continues to grow. The Miniland will undoubtedly be one… continue

2019 - October

240 LEGO® Models have already been created specially for LEGOLAND® Water Park at Gardaland from 3 million LEGO bricks

As work continues on site at LEGOLAND® Water Park in Gardaland, scheduled to open in June 2020, it has finally been revealed what the gatewayto the Water Park will look like, and where it will be found. Located in the area which currently houses the Pala Magic Theatre, facing the amazing Raptor rollercoaster, the entrance… continue

2019 - September

First LEGO® brick laid at the building site of LEGOLAND® Water Park at Gardaland

A 20 million euro investment for the 15,000 square metre water park, opening in June 2020 Today saw the first LEGO® brick laid at the building site of LEGOLAND® Water Park at Gardaland, in an entertaining ceremony featuring Prezzemolo - (the most famous and beloved mascot in Italy) along with Aldo Maria Vigevani, CEO of… continue

2019 - July

Gardaland Resort announces the opening in 2020 of the first LEGOLAND® Water Park in Europe: an entirely themed water park for families

“The first LEGOLAND® Water Park in Europe will be built inside Gardaland Resort and it will also be the first in the world inside a theme Park not LEGOLAND branded”, Gardaland CEO, Aldo Maria Vigevani, declared today. Founded in 1932 in Denmark, the LEGO name was formed as a combination of the first two letters… continue